Property Sourcing

Thinking of buying or selling a property?

LA Group has the best solution for you!


For investors who want to invest in properties with a price below the market and with good renovation potential for quick sale.

What is Property Sourcing?

To acquire a property involves the search and negotiation, that is, a good location, checking current prices in the market, local amenities, potential negotiation opportunities and neighborhood in general.
Having someone responsible for sourcing the business saves time, for international buyers it is an advantage as they will not have to search for the property, deal with lawyers, laws and negotiation bureaucracy. The person responsible for soursing will receive a percentage of the property sold which the buyer will have full knowledge of.

The responsible sourcing person will also be able to find potential tenants for the property, thus making the buyer of the property have an income and free from bureaucracy.

A great advantage of Property Sourcing provided by LA Group is the great networking that CEO Lohan Munhoz has, contacts around the world, thus bringing good opportunities for buying, selling and renting properties.

Whether for investing or for a second home, real estate at LIVERPOOL

For Investors Looking To Buy Property To Rent Instead Of Live In, A Powerful Way To Invest For Those Looking To Get Started In Real Estate Or Experienced Investors Looking To Expand Their Portfolio.

investor buy


For investors looking to invest and recycle their initial deposit to invest in new properties and grow their portfolio quickly.




For investors looking to buy property to rent instead of live in, a powerful way to invest for those looking to get started in real estate or experienced investors looking to expand their portfolio.



For investors who want to be part of a diversified and profitable property portfolio defined by experienced experts to invest together in the best UK assets.

Make your investments safely

La Property is registered in theregulatory bodies with PRS

Any complaints you might have will be handled by the appropriate governing and regulatory bodies since we are registered with PRS.
The ICO has listed us on its website. Our servers are secure. In order to keep your data safe, we take every step possible.

Everything we do is covered by insurance. Every transaction protects us and our investors.

Client Money Protect (CMP) is a Government-authorised membership scheme for lettings and property agents in the UK to protect the client money such as rents and deposits received by our members. If your agent has CMP membership then you can rest assure that your money is protected and the agent is compliant with the current legislation.

It is a legal requirement for letting agents to join a client money protection scheme for the benefit of their clients, typically landlords and tenants, to safeguard money they hold on their clients’ behalf. In the event that the owners of the business misappropriate any of this money, landlords and tenants can contact us and make a compensation claim against the agent. If a genuine claim is accepted, the we will recompense the landlord and/or tenant and seek recovery from the letting agent or its owners.

CMP is an independent membership body that provides full protection to our members, with no individual claim limits. CMP insures its liability against the payment of any claims

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