Property Management

LA consultancy has a very capable team who leads with our management, our agents, managers and maintenance collaborators are always ready to help out landlord and tenants with any possible issues.
Our team use to respond very quickly to try to make your life more comfortable.
Our landlords are all around UK and sometimes even abroad so we make sure that our team have a high quality services to make our clients happy

Properties for sale

Get the best properties at the best values.

51 Silverdale Avenue L13 7EZ

Sales Price: £105,000.00
Property Description: Property description: 3 bedrooms, dining room, star room, kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 garden.

19 Carlile Way L33 1RJ

Sales Price: £95,000
Property Description: 2 bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, lounge, kitchen and garden.

Property Management

Dedicated management, we have a team capable of managing and solving challenges.


93 Chirkdale


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