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We offer our customers and partners, acquisition, management, construction, reforms and investments in real estate.
We service residential and commercial properties.

LA Group has a highly qualified and agile team to serve its customers and partners.

Property Sourcing

Property sourcing is the process of identifying, appraising and acquiring property for investment purposes. It involves researching and analyzing different properties to determine their potential for income generation or appreciation. LA Group can help you on this journey.

Property Management

Property management is the act of supervising and managing the commercial operations of a real estate property, LA Grpup has trained and qualified professionals to manage their properties with total commitment, reliability and agility. We service residential and commercial properties.

Contractors / Construction

La Group has a highly qualified team to design and carry out your renovation or construction. We can elaborate the projects and execute with precision and agility. Always within the rules and regulations.

It's not just a property, it's your story!

Our goal is to provide our customers and partners with the best experience in a property, whether commercial or residential.

Our team


Alina Munosa


Is our general manager. She has background in finances and speaks four languages: English, Russian, Portuguese and Latvian. She manages daily tasks and make sure that our team works perfectly synchronised. Alina is also qualifying as a Mortage Advisor for LA consultancy to provide fast and high quality services.

Lohan Munhoz


Lohan Munhoz studied Business Management at the University of Latvia ISMA. He had studied Human Resources in Nancy France and Business consultancy in FGV Brazil. In UK Lohan has studied immigration law and now he is studying property law.

Vladimir Mihailovs


Vladimir is our realtor, he takes care of our properties, giving full support to the office staff, builders and tenants.

Vlad’s work ensures that the entire operation proceeds with speed and efficiency.

Invest in Liverpool

Liverpool has everything it takes to be one of England's most exciting cities

With a great worldwide reputation for music, culture and sport, residents always have plenty of entertainment. Art galleries such as “The Tate”, the magnificent cathedrals, the Cavern Club – pub where the legendary Beatles started their careers – are some of the highlights of the city, which received the title of European capital of culture in 2008 Located on the banks of the River Mersey, the city is a place of great pride for locals – known as Scousers (or Liverpudians).

Information about Liverpool

With a population of just under 500,000, Liverpool is an affordable and welcoming place for international students, with good employment opportunities and one of the lowest costs of living in the UK. Students usually live around the Smithdown Road area, but an area of ​​Kensington is also very popular.

It’s no wonder that so many students around the world choose Liverpool for their undergraduate or graduate studies. The city has an intense nightlife and cultural life, with the second largest collection of museums and art galleries in England, second only to London. The Liverpool Museum, for example, is one of the most visited attractions across the UK. The place is also well served by restaurants, pubs and trade in general. Public transport is efficient and based on buses and trains.



Traveling by bus is certainly the best way to cross Liverpool and discover its architectural peculiarities. Buses are cheap and punctual and there are many discounts depending on the age of the passenger, while at the two main stations in the center, Liverpool ONE and Queen Square, you will find a qualified team that will indicate the fare that best suits your needs.



Liverpool’s underground has 120km of railway lines and transports around 100,000 people every day.



Trains in Liverpool, England and throughout Europe are divided into classes, as is the plane. The difference is that, in addition to being land, you don’t need to wait for your bag when you leave, nor do you have to arrive too early at the time of departure. The control is also similar to what is done on the plane, the suitcase goes through a scanner and inside the train there is a specific place for luggage. A tip is to arrive a little early to try to get your luggage in a nearby location, as each car has a luggage rack at its beginning and space to put it on top of the seats, just like on the plane.



A common tour in all major cities is to take a hop on hop off bus tour of the city. The main company is the Sightseeing Liverpool Tour Bus, which goes through Liverpool’s main sights, explaining each one of them in a fun way.


In addition to public transport and taxi services, Liverpool has a very efficient Uber service that gives you the possibility to reach any desired point in the city in a short time: via the App on your ​​smartphone, it takes a few seconds to get around the city quickly. it’s trustable.


Liverpool has a very efficient transport system with its buses, trains and ferries (ferries).

The value of the bus tickets varies according to the desired destination. There are also monthly passes, where you can save a lot of money. The subway in the city works very well too. There are four main subway stations in the city (“Lime Street”, “Central”, “Moorfields” and “James Street”) that perfectly serve its users. As it is a very flat city, walking to school can be a good alternative, or even use the bicycle as your means of transport.

The airport in Liverpool, called “Liverpool John Lennon Airport” serves numerous European cities.

Liverpool Waterfront Architecture

This region of the esplanade facing the River Mersey, called the Waterfront or Pier Head, has some of the most beautiful buildings in Liverpool. Starting with the Three Graces, which are three commercial buildings from the early 20th century that transformed the city’s look.


The second is the Cunard Building, which is influenced by Italian architecture and, in 2017, started to house the British Music Experience.

The third is the Edwardian Baroque-style Port of Liverpool Building, famous for its church-like dome. In fact, it was originally designed for a cathedral, but ended up in the design of this building… lol!

British Music Experience

The British Music Experience is an interactive museum that started in London in 2009, but moved to Liverpool in 2017. Multimedia galleries tell the story of British pop and rock since the 1940s – through Pink Floyd, The Smiths, Eric Clapton, Sex Pistols, Oasis, Amy Winehouse and whoever else you can imagine.


Port of Liverpool

The port of Liverpool is the part of the city that most represents its strong industrial history. The mouth of the River Mersey provided access to the busy shipping lanes of the Irish Sea, and this made Liverpool a strategic point for England over the centuries – both for trade and for the military role of the British Empire. The Merseyside Maritime Museum tells this story, as well as showing what life is like on board ships and having a special exhibition on the Titanic.


In Liverpool, summer is pleasant and partly overcast; the winter is long, very cold, with strong winds and an almost overcast sky. Throughout the year, the temperature generally varies from 3 °C to 20 °C and is rarely below -2 °C or above 25 °C.


The warm season lasts 3.1 months, from June 11th to September 14th, with average daily maximum temperature above 17 °C. The warmest month of the year in Liverpool is July, with a high of 20 °C and a low of 13 °C on average.


The cool season lasts for 4.0 months, from November 19th to March 17th, with maximum daily temperature averaging below 10 °C. The coldest month of the year in Liverpool is January, with a high of 3 °C and a low of 7 °C on average.

The Cavern Club is where the Beatles story begins. It opened in 1957 and became the band’s home in 1961, having received a total of 292 performances by the group. The bar was demolished in 1973 and rebuilt in 1984 with bricks taken from the original bar.


The Cavern Club is on Mathew Street, and directly across from the bar is the Cavern Pub, which features a statue of John Lennon and bricks carved with the names of legendary bands and musicians. For a Beatles and rock’n’roll fan, being in that place is something unique and magical.


Liverpool Cathedral

Do you know that place that you see from afar and go to find out what it is? And never seems to come? Liverpool Cathedral is one of those places, due to its size and magnificence. Besides being beautiful.

The cathedral is 189 meters long outside, making it the largest church in the world. It is possible to see 360º of the city from its tower, the tallest in the entire United Kingdom, at 101 meters.


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